Entry: 6 th Birthday Tuesday, September 16, 2008

   Friday was Sadie's 6 th birthday.  We had a full day of birthday fun!  She is off from school on Fridays so we got a chance to sleep in.  Then I gave her a birthday shirt and we had a lazy breakfast.  We headed out to Ross' office for lunch with him.     

   After lunch we drove in Columbus for her birthday surprise.  I took her to Club Libby Lu.  It is a little girl's boutique that does spa packages.  They fix their hair, paint their nails, lip gloss that kind of thing.  The girls can pick from many styles and accessories to go with their look.  Sadie also choose the pooch pack and picked a stuffed dog that got a t-shirt, collar and a carrying bag.  She loved and it and it partly made up for her not having a party with her Texas friends. 

   We picked up a cookie cake to take home from the mall and invited the neighbor, who is also in her class, over for cake that evening. The girls played dress-up and ate cake.  I would say it was great day.  We did Chuck E Cheese on Saturday with Ross and I will never go there again on the weekend. It was a mad house but Sadie did not seem to care.  She also shopped at build-a-bear with a gift card she got from her Aunt Erica.

   I was not too freaked about her turning 6 because it is still close to 5 which is close to being a toddler still, right?  It is the thought of going to 7 that scares me.  7 is definitely girl and not baby.  Well at least I have a year to get used to that.




September 17, 2008   08:30 AM PDT
Libby Lu is the bomb at that age.

As for Chuck-E-Cheese - no comment.

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