Entry: Kinder Celebration Thursday, June 04, 2009

   OK I have been off my blog for awhile but I am going to try to catch everyone up.  I am going to start with the most recent event and work backwards so sorry if it gets confusing. 

   Tuesday, Sadie and the other Kinder students had a celebration day to celebrate finishing kindergarten.  They still have two more days of school but this day was picked for the event.

   The kids started with singing some song and getting there diplomas.  The teacher also made each student a picture with the student and the teacher framed with a great poem.  Most of the parents got teary when they sang the last song about finishing kinder and coming back as first graders.  I still can'tsay that part has hit me yet. It seems like we just started kinder last week.

   The kids then went outside to do the chicken dance, hokey pokey, limbo and other fun stuff. There was a piņata and we had a picnic lunch outside. We stayed till about 12:45 then they were free to leave.  It was a great time to be remembered.

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Christina Linnell
June 4, 2009   03:42 PM PDT
Congrats Sadie! We are so proud of you. You will do great in 1st grade. Have a fun summer & we can't wait to see you in San Antonio!

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