Entry: Sled Sunday, January 18, 2009

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   Since we got home after New years we have not seen the grass or sidewalks.  It snows a little almost everyday. This week we got our first real big snowstorm.  We were actually under a level 1 snow emergency and a wind chill advisory.  Sadie and I had been out at the church and the truck was covered in a matter of hours.  It was a bit tricky seeing the road till we got to the highway but we made it home safe. 

   Ross was in Michigan that same day at the car show with work.  They drove up and back that day through all the mess.  Sadie and I got our first taste of shoveling the driveway Wednesday evening so Ross could get back into the garage.  Sadie thinks it all wonderful and loves to play in the snow. 

  The temperature on Thursday was -12 so along with he 6 inches of snow, school was canceled and we had our first snow day.  We spent most of it inside but did venture across the street to play inside with her school buddy.  Ross had to go to work.  It has to be pretty bad to cancel for them.  I have never seen temps that low and I have to say it hurts as soon as the wind hits your skin.  We are very grateful we can get both cars in the garage as some who don't could not get their cars to start after days of cold. 

   Saturday we got to 17 degrees and took the time to go out and stock up on things. We got Sadie her own snow shovel and a sled.  We have a small downhill slope to the backyard that Sadie tried the sled out on Saturday evening. 

   We were busy with family over Christmas break and have lots to share about it once i get motivated.




January 18, 2009   08:42 PM PST
Okay. Now I'm shivering.

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