Saturday, June 06, 2009
Field Day

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   On Monday, June 1, Sadie's whole school had field day.  The start of the events was delayed about 2 hours because of rain and thunder. We played some bingo ans ate lunch at 10:30 am to pass the time. By 11 the storm was gone ans the kids were ready to head out!   

   There were 20 different stations with activities.  Each group rotated through them, we started at number 9, water shootout.  The kids were wiped out by the time the day was done.  I managed to step in a hole in the field in the first 20 minutes and sprain a toe. It turned purple and black.  The nurse patched me up with meds, ice and taped the toes together and I was back int he action quick. FUN!



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The Burghardt family was living in Japan for one year. Ross is in a new job with Honda at the research and development office in Ohio. We are now all in Ohio ready to start a new adventure. House hunting will soon start again.

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